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Why is it that you´ve always wanted something. A kind of life like everyone else´s. And suddenly, without notice, after being enjoying it for a while in order to live it, you loose. But you keep thinking it´s possible to rebuild it, it´s possible to make it happen again. that if it didn´t work out this time, surely there´s another chance coming at you. Because there´s no other way of living, just the way you know you always wanted. But that second chance starts to take time, and more time. Then years pass by and not only you never get near the possibility of having it again. Not only everything you see around you is what you´re always missing, always in pain for wanting it, for still hoping you´ll have it. But not only that, even as years and years go by, thing get even worse, even though you think that the worst has happened but you can still have it again, more and more things happen. Things you have never imagined would come your way. Even after a very difficult time, more a more painful difficult times come right at you. And there´s nothing else to do but to live through them, to feel and suffer them. It´s like something that started rolling and can´t stop, it just keeps coming. First, everything ended, and then, instead of starting over, everything that´s left keeps falling apart, keeps getting so difficult and painful. And now, you have to go through it alone, by yourself, without any support, with no one to share it with or who understands how it feels.

Having to take decision you never imagined having to take, having to make sacrifices you never imagined you had to take, accepting a kind of life you never imagined of having to live. With the feeling that the only thing to do is to continue living it as it is, as it comes, without the hope of it ever changing and being closer to what you imagined.

It´s so hard to accept, I think it´s in ones nature to keep trying even though it gets us in deeper. Until one person told me, “There´s a time where you have to start living within you possibilities.” And FUCK! my possibilities were almost none. Just to barely cover the basic ones, not even the little I´ve have ever imagined, but literally looking for charity to get my kid food, medicine, school, just that. Living within my possibilities which could not even were giving him that. And suddenly alone and looking at his face every morning, I had to look for ways to get him what he needed to survive. Taking painful decisions, because it hurts a lot to have to do something you never thought about doing it, even thought were for other kind of people. It´s hard to realize and accept, I´m that kind of people now, I belong here, these are my real possibilities. And yes, sometimes I feel proud of everything that I´ve accomplish by myself, but I never feel good about myself, because it´s never enough, it feels good for so little time, it lasts so little, because reality has to be faced every fucking day, every fucking day. And it´s so far, far, far away of what I imagined….


El carácter

El carácter está formado de empatía, comprensión de los sentimientos de otro;

autocontrol, controla sus impulsos y elige correctamente, evitando el peligro;

respeto, trata a los demás con consideración y valor;

tolerancia, aprecia las diferencias de los otros con una actitud de apertura y aceptación;

y simpatía, demuestra afecto hacia los demás, dejando a un lado su egoísmo.


You wanna get laid, oh right!
I’m supposed to act like I don’t know if it’s right, so then you tell no, that there is no right or wrong, there’s just the moment and then I tell you that I can’t,
while actually signaling to you that I can, which you don’t need, because you’re not really listening, because this isn’t about connection for you, this isn’t even about sex for you.
This is about finding an hour or two of relief from the pain of being you and that’s time with me, see, because all I want is the exact same thing.


We NEED a new education!

México en mis sentidos

What travel means to me: feel, see, imagine, live, touch, dance, sing, eat, drink, ……… everything you can experience in a place in order to discover the magic in it.

I think this video shows what you’d feel if you travel to México letting yourself go. Enjoy!


mmm…. a cup of coffee!!

Every morning, the first thing I want to do, I need to do, is have a delicious cup of coffee.

And during the day, I continue having lots of coffee, I love the smell, the taste, the effect…

Wish I would be having one sitting on the sidewalk at a table from a café in Paris.




This is Diego a few years ago. I like this picture a lot because he still has baby looks, chubby hands, chicks and long hair.
I love him very much, he’s the reason for everything I do, he’s why I wake up every morning and get out of bed.